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Gail is an Actor and Independent Filmmaker. She grew up in a Métis village in Northern Saskatchewan. She speaks her language Cree/Michif fluently.

Gail is passionate about telling Indigenous stories both in front and behind the camera. She’s currently working on a feature documentary about her 102 year old grandmother, titled “Nokum”.  She plans on incorporating animation with live-action to bring her grandmother’s stories to life. She’s also going into pre-production soon for her next short film, ROSIE. Her latest film, ASSINI, has been screening worldwide and garnering nominations and awards.

Gail does her own translations from Cree/Michif to English or vice versa.

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gail-standing-2Gail founded Assini Productions Inc. in 2006 to produce quality Indigenous films, told from an Indigenous perspective.

Her films have screened in film festivals worldwide and have aired on television. THIRST, is a film that looks at the water crisis in Canada’s Northern First Nations communities. Until We Meet Again, shot entirely in Cree/Michif in Northern Saskatchewan was nominated for Best Film at the San Francisco American Indian Film Festival in 2013.

Check out the following links to learn more about Assini Productions film library and our in development work.

Filmmaking CV: Download PDF


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